A2Z Ozone 856689005177 SP-16G Swimming Pool Ozone Generator

Reduce chemical usage by up to 95


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If you are tired of itchy irritated eyes and skin from chlorine and chemicals then it is time to try OZONE! Ozone is faster and more effective then chlorine at killing bacteria because chlorine needs to diffuse through the cell wall and disrupt bacteria metabolism. Ozone rips open the cell wall from the outside causing the cell contents to fall apart. This process is called cell lysing. With ozone after the destruction of the cell 03 simply reverts back to 02. The additional oxygen in the water creates a safe clean and refreshing swimming experience that only ozone can provide. There are no toxic or hazardous byproducts!. Reduce chemical usage by up to 95
16 GH Adjustable Ozone Concentration
For Pools up to a size of 200 000 G760 000L
Air cooled corona discharge low maintenance chlorine alternative

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