Oxygen Pools Chlorine Free Pool Treatment System

Chlorine Free Pool Water Treatment


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The Oxygen Pools chlorine free pool water treatment uses two components: A Dynamic Ozone Generator and a weekly dose of our proprietary non toxic non chlorine additive. If you’re using chlorine now or if you have a salt pool there is no conversion process. No need to neutralize the pool from what you’ve been using or wait for days to swim. Just start using the Oxygen Pool program and you’ll be swimming in a chlorine free pool within days. The Dynamic Ozone Generator installs onto any type of filter without special tools. Using the existing pool pump water is circulated through the generator which adds dynamic oxygen to the water as it circulates back to the pool. This dynamic oxygen oxidizes bacteria algae and viruses in the plumbing and in the pool. Watch the step by step installation videos for all filter types on Youtube. Then just add a weekly dose of activated oxygen and other non toxic compounds that keep the water balanced and clear. The powder is so gentle that you can swim in minutes after dosing. But it’s the combination of these two processes that is so effective and you’ll see the difference immediately. Oxygen Pools are so clear and so fresh that you’ll never go back to a chlorine treated pool. An oxygen pool uses known technologies to quickly oxidize contaminants in pool water. Oxidation is the process by which water is sterilized. And oxygen is the original oxidizer being more effective and less toxic than chlorine by any measurement. We simply oxidize differently by using ozone which is non toxic to humans and to the environment. The Oxygen Pools Dynamic Ozone Generator carries a strong Three Year Limited Product Warranty in addition to our Satisfaction Guarantee. Includes a free 10lb pail of Formula “O”. For Pools Up To 20 000 Gallons. Chlorine Free Pool Water Treatment
For Residential Pools Only Up To 20 000 Gallons
3 Year Limited Warranty
Includes 10lb Pail Formula O and 25 test strips
Does Not Void Above Ground Pool Warranty Like A Salt System

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